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With over 20 years of experience in buyer representation, seller listings, commercial and residential sourcing and purchase negotiation, entitlement and construction review and processing, mortgage and debt-equity structuring, this system includes many cross databases with commercial and residential on and off market product, private and institutional lenders and investors for your next transaction. Evaluating your needs, we apply our proprietary intelligence to combine information with opportunity/results. For financial needs, the process is completed by tier one lender status, private funding sources while sourcing up to date underwriting exception criteria.  For investment, residential, commercial and various development projects, multiple databases are sourced and applied in a trade secret, software based system.





our proprietary software


The creation of our software is a proprietary, intelligent system, utilizing specific website based information and API, to create a proactive marketing approach to statistically verified commercial real estate developments, purchases, sales, financial and mortgage clients; analytically matching our system to an in-house list of developer, builder, buyer, seller or lender-investor databases for customized matching of their specific needs and services to each client and location databases. 


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